Emmalee + BanqueHouse # 3 Playlist

“Sometimes I let the fear of rejection stop me from creating, but that’s not what art is about.”

Though fear keeps knocking on the door, Emmalee has found a way to nurture the voice within. Four years since her last release, she recently came out with a new single called “Phoenix”.

“I released my first EP back in 2018. I had quite a few Spotify listeners at the time! It had been years since I had released music. I truly let the fear of rejection (and honestly comparison) stop me from releasing. I would start to write music and then stop halfway through my song because I was afraid no one would want to listen. It wasn’t until I saw an old friend in a coffee shop who asked, “When are you planning on releasing more music? I still listen to your EP every morning.”"

Fear could be crippling at times. You stare at a blank page, sulk, shut the door and keep the blinds closed that darkness settles in feeling at home. But could it be that fear is a precursor, an inevitable one to those who dare to take risks?

“I read somewhere the other day: “Even if no one sees your art, don’t stop creating,” I realized after that meeting at the coffee shop, it doesn’t matter the amount of people who listen, but rather, if anyone does, it means something. I’m still learning to not hold onto those fears when creating songs…”

Thanks to gentle nudges, "Phoenix" is now available to everyone who has listening ears.

“Phoenix is the name of my sweet and wild 2-year-old Australian Shepherd. We got him as an 8-week old puppy and he was quite a handful. We had a hard time getting used to having a puppy in the house and, as funny as it sounds, I truly had a moment of just thinking to myself, “did I make the right decision getting this dog?” I decided to write a song from the perspective of Phoenix speaking to me saying, “take your time with me.” Just like in our human relationships, we go through ebbs and flows and we give grace and mercy to those that we love. We shouldn’t desert them when they don’t meet our expectations. Just to note now, Phoenix has grown to be one heck of a dog and we love him to death.”


When I asked Emmalee to be a part of our third BanqueHouse offering, she wholeheartedly said yes.

You can now listen to "Phoenix" alongside other songs on our BanqueHouse # 3 Playlist created by the talented muse, herself.

The songs were thoughtfully put together with love, as the theme, and all its expressions. We hope this playlist gets you feeling all those warm fuzzy feelings and maybe, take some risks, dream, and create something wonderful.

If fear is a precursor, love is.. well, there is no match. It’s the flow we are all floating on. It's the river wild. 

Enjoy. xx

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