Wilder Adkins + BanqueHouse # 2 Playlist - Holiday Special 🎄

Well... There's no need to surprise you because we all know it's Christmas time! 
And what better way to celebrate this holiday than to fill our homes and hearts with Christmas cheer? 

Folks, no need to look further because we present to you...

BanqueHouse # 2 Playlist - Holiday Special 🎄

My good friend and a very talented artist/musician, Wilder Adkins, curated this delightful playlist and filled it with songs of old, new, bright, and beautiful. It's as if Wilder got into all of our heads and eased our burdens by giving us the playlist for all kinds of Christmas functions and festivities. Cheers to you, Wilder! Bravo and many thanks! 

Wilder Adkins’ songwriting gleans as much from the earthy poetry of Wendell Berry and Mary Oliver as it does from the works of folk luminaries Richard Thompson and Bruce Cockburn. He’s a true theosophical spirit, arrestingly taciturn, but possessed of startling guitar skills, a wit as dry as October leaves, and a tremulous, dented voice that’s frankly mesmerizing. His courtly-but-witty lyrics evoke a Deep South Shelley or Yeats, riding a joyful guitar dexterity. Adkins hails from Marietta, GA, but now lives and writes in Birmingham, AL. He grew up listening to his dad play renditions of Neil Young and Van Morrison songs on an old Guild Jumbo Acoustic. Some time spent in India helped to expand his melodic sense and also provided a chance to learn Hindi. Adkins’ songs, steeped in natural imagery, frequently touch upon the subjects of faith, doubt, and as the title of his new album would indicate, hope and sorrow. 

-  from his biography 

A new recording of a song he wrote a few years ago "Mary's Lullaby" is now available on music streaming platforms and is the first track of BanqueHouse # 2 playlist. 

We hope this playlist keeps you company and in good spirits as you celebrate Christmas with friends and loved ones near.

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