Maker Highlight: Jordan Maxey + Village Apothecary

I met Jordan Maxey back in July and she was highly recommended by a close friend. She's a person you meet and you ask, "Did we just meet? Or have we been friends for a while?" Her presence is a gift that makes anyone comfortable. She's confident without oozing any ounce of pride. She is soft and tender-hearted yet possesses a tremendous grit for life. A perfect combination, I might add. 

Growing up in a rich blended culture, Jordan Maxey experienced an emphasis on art and passion for one's work through her African American and Italian roots. Her family has been an inspiration and a source of strength. So when her grandfather who was an amazing entrepreneur passed away in 2019, Jo wanted to honor his memory and passed on the legacy of ingenuity and hard work. There was a growing desire in her to build something from the ground up, designing from her ideas and setting goals to where she can independently work for herself. 

As the whole world shut down during the global pandemic that happened last year, Jordan started pouring candles at home, initially as a hobby. She, like most people, had space to slow down and rekindle old past times and/or start new activities. In her own words, candle-making became a beautiful form of self-care and meditation. Soon after, an interest in her candles sparked in her friends and family that she started selling them and setting financial goals to achieve each month. Because of her tenacity to manifest her dreams and her consistent hustle, she is now running Village Apothecary full time. (What a bad-ass boss babe!)  

What is inspiring you at the moment?

"I am currently inspired by scents that I feel elevate my space and transport me to another place. Warm and luxurious notes of oud and smoke not only remind me of the cool weather to come, but they help me feel calm and at home -- no matter where I am. I am also inspired by the MANY women around me that are pushing creative boundaries in their work. Whether it is seen in a design choice or the color palettes used, I am always inspired by the amazing women around me." 

She is currently pregnant with her second child and with a growing family, she feels truly blessed and grateful to stay at home, raise her children and continue to grow and run her business. 


How has motherhood change/widen your perspective as a maker/entrepreneur? 

 "In my personal experience, the biggest change is that motherhood helps you realize that your life is not your own. People are now counting on you to thrive and you can either do that in a healthy frame of mind, or you can ignore your mental health and crumble. This helps me as an entrepreneur because I am now more aware of how I am doing- mentally, physically, and spiritually. My goals are also broadened. I want to build something for my children to enjoy and possibly even inherit. These are thoughts that I never had before children."

The unknowing seeds from her grandfather have been growing steadily in her and they continue to grow and bear fruit, hopefully for generations to come. 


So it is with no hesitation that I ask Jo if she can do a collaboration. Without further ado, we introduce you to Banqueting House's first-ever collab: 



PALOMA - derived from Latin "palumbus", which means dove, a symbol of peace
Sweet, light and airy, grounded...
Notes of coconut milk, vanilla tonka and oud wood

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