Simple Prompts for the New Year

A new year has dawned and as creatures of delight, like babies mimicking lovely faces smiling at them, we reflect the hopefulness of the new year with its anticipation and grand aspirations, only to be snapped back to the harsh reality of the past.

How do we hold the tension of living between delight and despair?

How do we move forward with grace? 

By becoming people of love.

Take a few minutes to slow down, gather your thoughts, grab a pen and a notebook/journal, and respond to these prompts.

  • With all your dreams and goals for the year ahead, how are you becoming a person of love?
  • What are some regular (daily, weekly) practices you can add to your life to remind you that:

    You are loved.
    You are capable of loving yourself and others.

Happy 2023, may the year be good to you and may love be abundant in all that you are and all that you do. 






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