Our Story

In 2016, a dream was formed to have a space to foster beauty, creativity and community. A small rendering of that wild dream is the online space you are currently perusing. All the pieces you find here are carefully curated by the owner and founder, Jaimie Roxas. Heavily influenced by her childhood in the Philippines of experiencing warmth and hospitality, she wants to offer functional pieces for your home and gatherings. Every purchase supports intentional practices of sustaining makers, communities and ecosystems because she believes that every part of the process in making a piece has value.



B E L I E F S 

In the world of consumerism, we value the art of feasting.
Celebration is our privilege.
We celebrate people, places and things that enhance our lives and community.
We desire every experience to be looked at with a lens of joy and delight. 
Our desire is to bring forth artists and makers who are passionate and integrous in their works
and showcase pieces and practices that would remind you to live unhurried and generously.

Come, have a seat.