Custom Registry

"In the world of consumerism, we value the art of feasting.
Celebration is our privilege.
We celebrate people, places and things that enhance our lives and community."


We take our beliefs seriously and, by that, we mean business when it comes to being a part of your rejoicing moments. From buying a new home or moving, celebrating your birthday or someone else's, getting hitched or having an anniversary party, creating a holiday list or to simply honoring someone you love, we want to help make gift-giving a personal and joyful experience. 


Here's a testimonial from someone who has enjoyed a customized wedding registry experience from us: 

"If you know me, you know that I oftentimes like to do things differently and always with a creative approach in mind. That was definitely one of my primary goals when planning my wedding. I wanted to keep things simplistic and non-traditional including the registry. Banqueting House was such an artful, unique approach to our registry process - and most importantly they support sustainably-conscious, local artists. We were able to curate a custom, artist-centric experience for friends and family that included multiple price points and product categories. The process was seamless and we've built a beautiful new home with the pieces we received. If you're a non-traditional or sustainability-conscious bride, I *highly* recommend Banqueting House for a custom registry." -everyone's friend, Candace

Shoot us an e-mail and leave a message, and we will work with you to create a custom registry and a link for you to send to loved ones and friends!